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Toledo Aquarium

Remodel of the 75-year old beloved aquarium took place within grounds of an extensive zoo complex in Toledo, Ohio. Client envisaged a modern educational environment within the fabric of the historical building. Aquarist wanted to expand their collection by 400% using latest life support technology without increasing the building footprint.


The Toledo Aquarium

Toledo, Ohio

2010 – 2013

This project required intricate surgical intervention and the re-imagination of new roles for all the existing spaces. The original circulation rotunda became the largest primary focal tank around which open plan galleries pivoted at various levels.


The original central entrance was reinstated, new zero frame glazing replaced previous entry/exits and existing lobbies became new revenue generating conference rooms. Project was designed to LEED Silver equivalent.

photos courtesy of EHDD



8th International Aquarium Congress

Cape Town, South Africa


Ursula presents the Toledo Aquarium project.

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